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      H型鳍片管    H-fin Tube






      H-fin Tubes have two steel discs, with fluorescent tubes symmetrically welded together to form fins(fins of butterfly piece) creating a shape that looks somewhat like the letter “H”, creating an efficient energy-saving, extension heating surface. H-fin Tubes also have a high rate of fusion welds and weld and weld tensile strength. There is little contact resistance, and heat transfer performance and scalability are additional advantages. The H-fin Tube is assembled with the H economizer, which has high efficiency, little resistance, less wear, and is light weight.

      Compared to the traditional fin tube or spiral tube the H-fin tube can greatly expand the heating surface. When the extent of the effect of heat transfer is the same. The H-fin tube economizer takes up less space. In addition to the H economizer, H superheater, H air heater, and many other products. The H fin tube has been included in the “Chinese high-tech product catalog”.


      Structure the basic form of “H”type and the double “H”type.

      Our products can be modified according to our customers’ needs and the situation. We design and manufachure safe, reliable and efficient H-fin tubes. HD Boiler has also completed stand-alone product quality assurance systems. Production of H-fin tunes are with high heat transfer efficiency, they have flue gas resistance and are designed for a small space. H-fin tubes can be widely used in utility boilers, industrial boilers, marine power, metallurgy, the chemical industry and other waste heat recovery heat exchanger units.

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