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      角管式热水/蒸汽锅炉 Corner Tube Hot-Water / Steam Boiler







      Comer tube boiler is a high-tech product, with an exclusive design introduced from the Danish Warren Company by HD Boiler. In China it has been chosen as the industry standard. The boiler drum is external, with a unique chamber and safe cycle, which is quick to start. The entire boiler is supported by the cycle tubes and the membrane wall, which has great stability from the “angle tube”.

      The combustion design uses a fin-grate, with advanced design, high casting precision and less mechanical loss of incomplete combustion. The grate also uses a continuously variable gearbox drive. The angle of tube boiler is sealed welded, with a water structure and has an advanced design, creating a new and perfect appearance, leading to a high degree of automation and decreased pollution. The emissions from the boiler outlet concentration are less than the original 1800mg/Nm3. 80%thermal efficiency product performance indicates the tube boiler has reached international advanced leve, which is a distinct benefit to its users.

      Thermal efficiency of the boiler is very high, due to the reasonable structure of the grate design.ccurate casting, with minimal assembly of the scale extrusion grate, lead to minimized coal leakage and no need for shutdowns when having to replace the grate.

      Room air pressure wind systems and other warehouse plus small throttle structure, good sealing, fabric air distribution control the amount of combustion air supply section, in order to get the best combustion conditions; former arch radiation enhanced combustion technology application areas, mechanical incomplete q4 loss of only 7% of the combustion. On the 15th December 1993,the Ministry of Machinery Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center, reported results reflecting the thermal test at rated load, of thermal efficiency of up to 83.34%. to achieve superior product index One table 10T/h corner tube boiler annual savings of more than 1,000 tons of coal,we can see that angle tube boiler and assembly, bulk boiler, will give users a great economic benefits.

      The water cycle furnace uses a unique structure, the drum is kept cool, by the heated water flowing in one direction, when there is power outage, so that the water system dose not vaporize and water circulation is safe and reliable.

      The corner tube boiler water structure is earthquake resistant, due to its non steel-frame. The body weight is supported by the membrane wall and the down comer? The membrane walls are welded into one, creating a shock resistant structure.

      The fully enclosed structure: membrane water-wall boiler by welding together four weeks,

      To prevent leakage, the steel steel structure is hermetically sealed. Boiler upper size limits according to rail transport division. Rear of the boiler heating surface after the excess air ratio of only 1.4-1.6, not only reduces heat loss, but also reduces the wind mechanical and electrical consumption, but also greatly reduces the boiler room of the environmental pollution.

      Furnace wall insulation: the angle light tube boiler wall is insulated with a specialized elastic compound, which is 200mm thick. In addition to a special pulp cover created from a compound silicate board, which is 40mm thick. Both of these are then reinforced with metal plates, to create effective non-brick insulation.

      角管式热水锅炉规格 Corner Tube Hot-water Boiler Specifications


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